houseAt Synergy Sport we care about the environment. We have installed over 6000 watts of solar cells and are working on limiting our carbon footprint in all areas of business. We will be adding more solar cells to the point where we will be contributing more energy than we use. Until this happens, we are committed to paying for offsets through TerraPass.com.

For the most part, our products are made in the US by respectable factories, who are compliant with the most stringent labor laws and environmental standards. In the back of our clothing you will see our label summarizing this as “Made in California – No Sweat!”

rockOur wetsuits are made from a limestone-based neoprene, which is 99.7% calcium carbonate. It took over 80,000,000 years to make, as shell secretions of marine organisms were deposited on the ocean floor. This rubber has a 23% higher close-cell structure than the oil derived neoprene that is used by most of our competitors. Having this higher close-cell structure makes the material more buoyant, while also having a maximum elongation of over 600% – whereas human skin stretches only 60%. The many extra cells are filled with nitrogen gas, which makes the wetsuits warmer. What may be most important about limestone based neoprene is that it is more than 95% water impermeable, as opposed to 70% for petroleum-based neoprene. This is important for the buoyancy, insulation, longevity, and not least, the odor of the suit.

Another interesting fact is that our rubber has a friction coefficient of only 0.032, much lower than some of our competitors, whose rubber drags as much as 4.0. This translates into a real difference in speed through the water!

recycleWe plan to create a product recycling program in the near future, where you can return your old wetsuit or carbon wheel-set to us for a credit towards a new Synergy or Gray product. You old products will either be used by athletes in the third world, who otherwise have no access to equipment, or will be recycled by waste management. We hope to get this program underway soon.

We are major sponsors of the most environmentally conscious triathlon on earth: the Marin County Triathlon. Please get involved. www.MarinTriathlon.com.