Sponsorship Application


We offer 5 ways to qualify for sponsorship:

1. Full Sponsorship: Free products in both Synergy and GRAY as well as performance bonuses. Qualifying Criteria: Elite athletes who are ranked top 10 in the world by ITU or Ironman.

2. Partial Sponsorship: Any Synergy and GRAY product at wholesale cost. Qualifying Criteria: Elite age group athletes ranked top 10 in their age group by USAT.

3. Challenged Athletes: Any Synergy and GRAY product at wholesale cost. Qualifying Criteria: Athlete has a physical and/ or economic challenge and is an up-and-coming athlete. To qualify as an economic challenged athlete, you cannot be more than 25 years of age or a senior.

4. Team Synergy: This sponsorship is open to all and it consists of buying our Team Package, which is your choice of a GRAY bike, a set of GRAY wheels, a Synergy wetsuit and a set of Synergy apparel. You can choose more than one in each category, but you must buy at least one in each category. Many clubs take advantage of this program and we offer affordable screen printing as well. The Team Synergy Sponsorship is priced at whole sale +10%.

5. We offer refurbished wetsuits (mainly Orca brand, since we never get Synergy suits returned!) and demo wheels (mainly samples or event demos, since we never get GRAY returns either!) and bikes at great discounts to athletes, who cannot afford conventional, new products. We know triathlon is an expensive sport and we want to help!


What We Expect From Our Synergy Ambassadors:

We’re looking for ambassadors who are excited to spread the positive reputation of Synergy to their friends, family and acquaintances. We want you to share your experience with our products and tell the world why you are a part of the Synergy team. We primarily need you to be active online, in forums, on Facebook, on SlowTwitch and other social media, sharing photos of you in your Synergy gear. We also need you to be active on our behalf at events and races that you participate in. One of the requirements we have is that you participate on our Facebook page and update us on your results and share pictures of yourself in Synergy gear. Feel free to tag “Synergy Wetsuits” in any of your photos so we can share your successes with other Synergy fans. We’re here for you and want to help you be the fastest athlete you can be. In return, we want you to there for us by recommending us to as many of our triathlon brethren as you can. If you ever have any questions about your Synergy sponsorship, just let us know! Email us anytime at cs@SynergySport.com.

Request for Sponsorship

Tell us a little about yourself and we'll consider you for sponsorship!